Race Car Driver in 3 Easy Steps.

Start with a Basic Racing School Course

The Lucas Oil School of Racing provides the most cost effective and convenient way to transition from racing karts, quads, simulators or motocross  to cars to start a career in motorsports, or to just race for the fun of it.  We have the most modern school cars featuring paddle shifter, data systems, in-car video with integrated data and pit speed limiters.
STEP 1: Complete our Basic Racing School
Whether it is your first time in a race car, or the first time in a while, our Basic Racing School ($2,999 – $3,899) will get you up to speed. Two days of on- and off- track instruction will teach you the nuts and bolts of driving a race car around a race track, and how races are conducted.
The Basic 2-Day is open to:
Age 12 and up**
** Drivers under age 16 must submit an experience resume for final approval.  The more detail you provide, the better.    
** Drivers 16 and older without a valid drivers license from their home state, province, or country of residence must submit an experience resume.
** Minimum driver height is 5 feet 0 inches (152 cm).
Already completed a racing school or have other previous experience? Check Advanced 2-Day eligibility to see if you can skip this first step.

STEP 2: Complete our Advanced Racing School
There is no substitute for seat time, and the Advanced Racing School ($2,999 – $3,899) gives it to you. Three 30-minute on-track sessions followed by instructor feedback and an introduction to data acquisition analysis. Learn a new track and learn about yourself while you prepare for your first race.

Prior to participating in their first Advanced Lapping program, drivers must successfully complete a Basic 2-Day program. We also welcome drivers who have completed other accredited basic racing school programs, or who hold a current SCCA Novice or Full competition License, a NASA Competition License, or similar accredited racing license, or who have documented racing or race car testing experience.

Please inquire at 561-200-RACE (7223)

STEP 3: Race in the Lucas Oil Formula Car Championship Series
With your Basic 2-Day and Advanced 2-Day requirements out of the way, your next step is the big one: racing. The Lucas Oil Formula Car Championship Series is an entry-level, arrive-and-drive championship that provides wheel-to-wheel competition to prepare young drivers for a career in motorsports.

Lucas Oil Formula Car Masters runs with the Race Series, and is for drivers age 30 and older who are looking to enjoy friendly competition with other drivers of similar experience and skill levels.

Each step of the way, the Lucas Oil School of Racing provides the car (including fuel, tires, and maintenance), the crew, the expert instruction and coaching, and even the safety equipment if you need it (just bring your own racing shoes and gloves).

Do you think you have what it takes? The Lucas Oil School of Racing will help you find out.

Call TODAY to answer all of your questions. 561-200-RACE (7223)

ALSO check out our Annual Scholarship SHOOTOUT

You will drive our Lucas Oil Ray GR-RSC Formula Cars, receive coaching from our instructors, and learn from our expert panelists about managing your career in motorsports.

It’s not just a Shootout, it’s three days of professional training.


Drivers must have actively competed in Karting, Sim experience, quad or motocross racing series and must successfully complete a minimum of a Basic 2-Day program or if qualified Advanced 2-Day .


  • Be Fast!  But seriously, be PREPARED.
  • All Entrants are allowed to practice and compete in as many Lucas Oil School of Racing Schools and Race Series events in 2019 leading up to the Shootout as they wish.