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Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 SL Performance Tire


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 2.0 Liter

140hp @ 6,000 RPM

130mph Top Speed

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Sadev 5-speed Sequential Transmission w/paddle shift

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Ray Race GR-RSC Chassis

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AiM Sportline Formula Dash AiM Sportline Smarty Cam

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Our Race Cars

A Formula Car That You Can Race

The Ray Formula Cars GR-RSC

A Modern Car for a Modern World

Learning to race with antiquated technology puts you at a disadvantage that a critical juncture of your development as a driver.

That is why we start with a contemporary design, the multi-championship winning Ray Formula Cars GR11, and adapt it to the rigors of a racing school and arrive-and-drive race series, with an extra large cockpit, and adjustable pedal box, and adjustable seat, all of which help to accommodate a variety of body types.

Technology In The Palm of Your Hands

Races today are won with data. The ability for a driver to interpret data and to converse with engineers in a language both understand is oftentimes the difference between winning and losing. To meet these needs, not only do we equip our GR-RSC race cars with an Elite Engines 2-liter engine and a Sadev sequential gearbox, we control it with a Performance Electronics ECU paired to a Pro Shift paddle shifter system with rev matching. The ECU and shifting system work in conjunction with the AiM Formula Dash 2 data acquisition and SmartyCam video systems that are in every one of our cars.

Ray Race GR-RSC – Specifications

Join us at America's best racing school

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Commit to your first school

Whether you come from karting, quads, SIM racing, or simply have had a lifelong passion to race cars, our Basic Racing School has been the starting point for hundreds of racers all vying for a seat on the Road to Indy.

Homestead Racing School
So far I've been through the Basic School at NJMP and the Advanced School at Mid-Ohio and both experiences have been top-notch. The instructors I've worked with have been amazing and are truly the best out there. The cars are a blast to drive, very forgiving when you don't hit all your marks and even more rewarding when you get it right. I highly recommend Lucas Oil School of Racing whether you're thinking about moving up from karts, or just want some affordable seat time with the kind of feedback and coaching that will make you a better, faster, and safer driver.
Aaron Miner

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