SCCA Full Competition License

Earn your SCCA FULL Competition License

The first step is to successfully complete our Basic 2-Day program. Then once you completed our Advanced 2-Day course and obtain final approval by our Chief Instructor just send us an email requesting your SCCA Letter of Compliance. 

Once you’ve received our SCCA Letter of Compliance, you only need to do the following to receive your SCCA Full Competition License:

  1. Please order your SCCA Letter of Compliance on our website and be sure to include your address, since we will need to include it on the Letter, which we will send to you after you complete your order.
  2. Next, if you haven’t done so already, join the SCCA.
  3. Send your Letter of Compliance, physician completed Examination and Medical History form along with your application and any applicable fees, to SCCA.

Please visit the SCCA website for more information on this process.

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