The Ray Formula Cars GR-RSC

A Modern Car for a Modern World

Learning to race with antiquated technology puts you at a disadvantage that a critical juncture of your development as a driver.

That is why we start with a contemporary design, the multi-championship winning Ray Formula Cars GR11, and adapt it to the rigors of a racing school and arrive-and-drive race series, with an extra large cockpit, and adjustable pedal box, and adjustable seat, all of which help to accommodate a variety of body types.

Technology In The Palm of Your Hands

Races today are won with data. The ability for a driver to interpret data and to converse with engineers in a language both understand is oftentimes the difference between winning and losing. To meet these needs, not only do we equip our GR-RSC race cars with a 2-liter engine and a Sadev sequential gearbox, we control it with a Performance Electronics ECU paired to a Pro Shift paddle shifter system with rev matching. The ECU and shifting system work in conjunction with the AiM Formula Dash 2 data acquisition and SmartyCam video systems that are in every one of our cars.

Exceptional Instruction

Coaches In Your Corner – at Every Corner

Lead Instructor

NTT INDYCAR Indianapolis 500


Race School. Race. School. The racing component of our race school series is where all of the on-track learning takes place. What happens in between driving sessions is where the schooling takes place. During every session, our instructors are located around the key corners of each track taking copious notes and providing essential feedback to our competitors so they can find those elusive tenths. Additionally, each of our cars carry on-board telemetry and video recording, which our instructors review with you at every race event.

The instruction that you receive from our school truly is the best in America. To a person our instructors are all professional race car drivers the majority of whom are still active. With backgrounds in INDYCAR, IMSA, and MX-5 Cup, our instructors know what it takes to make the professional ranks and are here solely to help you obtain their racing dreams.

Join us at America's best racing school

Best Race School in America

Essential Education

Simply stated, we ARE the professional ranks where the quality of the equipment often dictates the outcomes, all of our cars are designed to perform and race as close as humanly possible. None of our competitors will have an advantage from engineering tactics. Rather you will compete on a completely level field with a score of immensely talented up-and-coming drivers all pushing each other to reach new heights in their respective pursuit in becoming a professional race car driver.

Every year, our top-performing graduates move onto the professional racing ladders of INDYCAR, F1, and IMSA. Whether drivers compete in one or two seasons of our series, when they are ready to move on they are ready to move. The training you receive in our school is an unmatched, unforgettable, first-class education combining the very best racing instruction and education. 

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