The Road to Indy Starts Here

3rd Annual Scholarship Shootout

Presented by Cooper Tires

Your Road to Indy Begins at the Shootout

For the 3rd year in a row, we are inviting the best young drivers from karts, quads, and motocross to try their hands at racing a real formula car in our challenging three-day Scholarship Shootout Presented By Cooper Tires.

2019 Scholarship Shootout Winner, Elysiah Navarro

Learn How to Drive and Race Real Formula Cars

The Lucas Oil Formula Race Car drivers queuing up for race start

Shootout Format

You will drive our Lucas Oil Ray GR-RSC Formula Cars, receive coaching from our instructors, and learn from our expert panelists about managing your career in motorsports. It’s not just a Shootout, it’s three days of professional training.

Driver Eligibility

  • Actively competed in karting, Sim, quad or motocross racing series
  • Have no prior competitive* open-wheel road racing experience beyond our School Series
  • While you can apply at any time, you must successfully complete a Basic 2-Day program to be accepted into the Shootout.
    Note: there is no limit on the number of Lucas Oil Schools or Race Events attended, and many prior participants have attended multiple schools/races to gain a competitive edge.

* Testing and/or less than-competitive performance in upper ladder series is okay.

FIVE Astonishing Spectacular Amazing Prizes

1st Place - FULL Season
in the 2021 Lucas Oil Formula Car Race Series

Following three days of competition, one very talented driver will walk away with the grand prize – a full season of racing in the Lucas Oil Formula Car Series, where they will have the opportunity to compete for the Championship Scholarship to help fund a seat in the Road to Indy USF2000 Series!

2nd Place - Half Season in the
2021 Lucas Oil Formula Car Race Series

3rd Place - Two Race Events in the
2021 Lucas Oil Formula Car Race Series

4th Place - One Race Event in the
2021 Lucas Oil Formula Car Race Series

5th Place - One Advanced Racing School

How to Earn a Spot

Steps To Enter The Shootout

1. Apply

Drivers must submit an online application and racing resume.  You can APPLY at any time.

2. Complete our Basic Racing Program

Drivers must have completed a Basic 2-Day program by November 19, 2021. The Lead Instructor of your school will determine within one week of completing your Basic 2- Day if you are invited to the Shootout. At that point, you may officially enter the December 2021 event online or by phone. 

View our Basic Racing School Calendar »

3. Pay Entry Fee

Shootout Entry Fee must be paid to secure your spot. Shootout Entry Fee is $4,999.

Scholarship Shootout Application

Send us your amateur racing resume with your application. 

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About Our Race Cars

See What You'll Experience

From Scholarship Winner to Lucas Oil Formula Car Race Series Winner to USF2000

Prescott Campbell started exactly where you are now. An exciting driver that had yet to make the migration from karts to cars, and looked to the inaugural Scholarship Shootout to get his start.

Impressing the judges throughout the Shootout competition, Campbell would go on to win the series earning him a full boat season with the Lucas Oil Formula Car Race Series in 2019.

Winning the Driver's Championship in 2019, Campbell also took the grand prize scholarship of $75,000 to move up to USF2000, further proving that the Road to Indy really does start here.

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