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5th Annual Scholarship SHOOTOUT

Location & Date for 2024 Shootout TBA
Watch for Application Process to Open

We Train Champions

Follow The Path of Champions

For the 5th year, we are inviting the best young drivers from karts to try their hands at racing a real formula car in our challenging multi-day Scholarship Shootout.

During this epic shootout, you will get to drive our thrilling Lucas Oil Ray GR-RSC Formula cars, receive coaching for professional driver instructors, and learn from our expert panelists about managing your career in motorsports. It’s not just a shootout – it’s also professional training that will catapult you forward on your path of becoming a professional race car driver. 

Competition Fee: TBD* - (if invited)

Invited Applicants will be notified by EMAIL if accepted.



Career Changing Scholarships

Grand Prize - To be announced
It's Going to be Big !

2nd Place: To Be Announced

3rd Place: To be Announced

Application Steps

Step 1: Successfully Complete Our Basic Racing School

Prospective scholarship participants must, at a minimum, complete our Basic Racing School program or provide equivalent verifiable experience, but are also encouraged to take our Advanced Racing Schools.

Step 2: Apply to the Scholarship Shootout

While we will get an opportunity to see your driving up close at our Racing Schools, we know your racing résumé has more to it and we want to hear all about it.

Step 3: Selection

If you are selected, you will receive a formal invitation to participate in the Lucas Oil Scholarship Shootout. If selected, the competition fee must be paid in advance of the Shootout.

Shootout Highlights

Call with ANY questions
561-200-RACE (7223)

Shootout Eligibility requirements

These requirements are general guidelines. Any exceptions to these requirements is at the sole discretion of Lucas Oil School of Racing. If you have any questions on eligibility, please send us an application and we can review.

Intensive Professional Training

Schedule Overview

In our unique Scholarship Shootout, drivers will receive training on essential topics related to becoming a professional race car driver.
Becoming a professional driver isn’t just about being fast on-track – what happens off-track can be as instrumental to success as what you’re able to do in the car.  Off-track, participants will receive:
  • Media training with on-camera interviews
  • Business lessons with tips for how to find sponsorship and build budget
  • Social media management and guidance
  • Fitness training
  • Parents-only Seminar – How to Be a Motorsports Parent
On-track, participants will have four separate lapping sessions to demonstrate all the skills they have developed and why they deserve to be our Scholarship Shootout Winner.

A Tale of Two Champions

A Perfect Pairing

Shootout Winners. Series Champions

Our 2018 Shootout Winner, Prescott Campbell, and our 2019 Winner, Ely Navarro, have quite a bit in common. Both of course won our Scholarship Shootout. Both would subsequently go on to claim the Lucas Oil Formula Car Series in their first year. Both would claim the series scholarship to enter the USF2000 series. And fittingly the two are now teammates for the 2021 season with DEForce Racing.

The pair illustrate just how powerful and transformative the Lucas Oil Scholarship Shootout is for aspiring professional race car drivers. It’s not just the shootout winners that benefit from the education that comes from the Scholarship Shootout program. Many of our participants have taken the invaluable education they received from our program and used what they learned to propel them to the Road to Indy and other professional driving championships. And that is what all of our participants have in common – an unmatched learning opportunity that will serve them throughout their motorsports career.

Prescott Campbell

Ely Navarro

“WOW!! What an experience! Thank you to the Lucas Oil School of Racing for the extensive training. It made it very easy for me to understand what I needed to improve to be fast and smooth.” - Ely Navarro 2020 Champion
Ely Navarro
USF2000 Driver

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