Road To Indy Scholarship

$75,000 Scholarship

To The Victor Go The Spoils

As the Official Racing School of the Road to Indy, our Championship Formula Car Race Series represents the first rung on the INDYCAR ladder and is the starting point to begin your professional racing career. For the fortunate driver who claims the title of Champion at the end of season, they will be rewarded with a $75,000 scholarship to move onto USF2000*. And while only one driver will claim the title of champion, all of our competitors will receive an incomparable education helping to ensure their transition to professional motorsports is successful from the start.

Note: Lucas Oil School of Racing offers an included limited liability damage policy for all programs. Please read our policy details.

* Drivers must campaign a full USF2000 season to receive the full $75,000 scholarship. Drivers also have the choice to instead accept a $50,000 scholarship to campaign a full season in USF Juniors.

The Official Race School Series of the Road to Indy

Essential Education for INDYCAR and F1

Simply stated, there is only one Official Race School Series of the Road to Indy. We are the only race school in the world affiliated with INDYCAR, which means you have a clear path to becoming a professional race car driver.

Unlike the karting and the professional ranks where the quality of the equipment often dictates the outcomes, all of our cars are designed to perform and race as close as humanly possible. None of our competitors will have an advantage from engineering tactics. Rather your child will compete on a completely level field with a score of immensely talented up-and-coming drivers all pushing each other to reach new heights in their respective pursuit in becoming a professional race car driver.

Every year, our top-performing graduates move onto the professional racing ladders of INDYCAR, F1, and IMSA. Whether drivers compete in one or two seasons of our series, when they are ready to move on they are ready to move. The training your child receives in our school is an unmatched, unforgettable, first-class education combining the very best racing instruction and education. 

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