General Questions

It is an Elite Engines 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with double overhead cams and fuel injection and can make up to 170hp.

Top speed will vary from track to track depending on how long the straights are, but it is capable of speeds in excess of 130 mph.

No.  With the Pro-Shifter paddle technology you only need to learn how to get the car moving and then it is as simple as pulling a lever to change gears.

We go to all of your favorite tracks.  We have purpose built enclosed trailers that hold 10 cars each and are climate controlled.  Variety is the spice of life and that is true for racetracks as well.  Please check our calendar for dates and locations.

Included is the full use of the racecar for the program and all fuel, fluids, tires etc.  We will bring our own crew to service the racecars and professional instructors for teaching the program.  We will provide a Bell racing helmet and Sparco race suit but recommend that you bring leather gloves and shoes, specifically narrow shoes.

We will provide a continental breakfast as well as refreshments throughout each day.  Lunch is available for purchase for you and your guest(s).  Lodging, transportation are at your expense.

Included in the cost of your school is a limited liability crash damage policy that limits your financial exposure.  For the Basic 2-Day Class your exposure is limited to a maximum of $3,000 per incident.  The maximum exposure increases for advanced programs and race weekends.  Contact us to get more details.

With approved previous karting experience and a notarized waiver from parents or legal guardian, we can accept participants as low as 12yrs old for the Basic 2-Day Class.

Our Basic and Advanced 2-Day Classes you will drive a at least 2.5 hours each day along with instructor and data debriefing.