Basic 2-Day
Event Type

Basic 2-Day highlights:

  • 2 Day program vs. 3 or 4 Day like our competitors
    • Saves time & money by being out of the office or away from home for less days
    • Less Travel costs
  • Programs available at all the great tracks in the U.S.
  • 2.5 hours of track time each day.  Same or more than our competitors
  • Arrive & Drive.  All inclusive, includes suit and helmet
  • Instruction from current and previous racing champions
  • Learn proper car placement for every corner at every track
  • Proper techniques for maximum braking and corner entry
  • Learn proper passing techniques thru on-track practice drills
  • Practice starts and race so you are ready for your first competition
  • In-car video and data included at end of school

m1_concourseM1 Concourse – Pontiac, Michigan 1.5 miles

The Champion Motor Speedway winds its way through the M1 Concourse site as though it’s been there for generations. The developers worked closely with renowned track designer, Martyn Thake, to leverage the unique topography of the site. The track was designed to accommodate a diverse group of users, including club members, driving school participants and corporate clients. Additionally, the track was carefully positioned to provide direct views from many of the Private Garages.