As the line between virtual and real world racing continues to blur, the need for proper driver training has replaced hitting the reset button as the best way to improve. This is why Lucas Oil School of Racing has teamed up with ineX Racing driver Justin Brunner to offer professional sim racing driver training. Just like we can in the real world, Justin will help you become a faster, more competent and competitive sim racer.

About Justin Brunner

Sim-racing accomplishments:
iRacing Star Mazda champion
iRacing Blancpain Sprint Series champion
iRacing 24 Hours of Le Mans GT2 winner

Real world racing experience:
Lucas Oil Formula Car Race Series CHAMPION (4 wins, 9 podiums in 14 races)

Lucas Oil lapping at Roebling Road
Lucas OIl lapping at New Jersey Motorsports Park
Lucas Oil Formula race series at Sebring International – 2nd & 3rd

Force-Feedback Wheel
iRacing membership

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is Lucas Oil Online Racing School?

Lucas Oil Online Racing School is a driver coaching program to help sim-racers and real world drivers reach the next step in competitive racing.

Q: Is this only for beginners?

No, driver coaching has been proven effective for any experience level driver, from beginners to professionals. Improvement is always possible whether it’s re-learning basic fundamentals or perfecting your racecraft.

Q: How will sim-racing help me with real world racing?

Sim-racing in recent years has produced many successful real world drivers that have proved simulation transfers to real life effectively. Professionals have started using simulators to sharpen their driving skills and pepare for events when seat time is limited. Whether its learning a racetrack beforehand, or improving driver inputs, simulation training is an effective preparation tool.

Q: How will Lucas Oil Online Racing School help improve my sim-racing performance?

If you are a sim-racing rookie, racing in top level competition, or just somewhere in between, driver coaching is beneficial for you. This program covers everything from basic racing fundamentals and racecraft, to data analysis and improving mental approach. Learn about basic car setup as well as more detailed setup procedures. Having trouble setting up new hardware or using it effectively? With this program you can improve your experience using your sim-racing equipment properly.


Basic Training

Two separate 60 minute sessions Basic racing fundamentals Braking techniques Situational awareness Basic setup knowledge Field of View and Hardware

Advanced Training

Two separate 75 minute sessions Extensive setup knowledge Data analysis Real event preparation Perfecting racecraft Laptime consistency Weight transfer and