Advanced Training


Advanced Training



Two separate 75 minute sessions
Extensive setup knowledge
Data analysis
Real event preparation
Perfecting racecraft
Laptime consistency
Weight transfer and how to use it

Knowing the brain trust and philosophy behind the scene and having driven these cars , I will attest to this school as being THE place to learn in the best way.
Solid , new , safe Fun cars

Looks like a great car. I am sure it will be popular with drivers.

Just did the 2 day school at Lime Rock and it was an awesome experience. The entire program was top notch.

Phil the instructor covered everything we needed to know to get comfortable getting out on track all the way to race starts and passing. He kept things light and interesting.

Theses formula cars were awesome with paddle shifters, cameras, data logging and strong 2 liter Miata motors. The balance was incredible which gave me confidence to push the limit.

The crew was always available to make sure the cars were in perfect running condition and if there was any issues, they would have a backup car ready so you don’t loose any track time.

Most important to me was the excellent coaching I received while I was in the car so I could apply it right away.

This was my first open wheel experience while there were students in my class that have done many schools. The best compliment I heard was from the most senior student who said “The Lucas school was in another league from the Skip Barber schools I have taken before”

Can’t wait to go back and do more lapping.